V29Bet Online Casino Malaysia

V29bet is one of the web based casino brand operating under V29 Group. V29 Group established in September 1998. Despite started in the year when global economy was hit by financial crisis, V29 Group managed to become one of the leading Multinational Corporation that stand out in online casino industry.

V29bet currently operating with an experienced team that consists of more than 10 customer service representatives, gaming technician, dedicated IT solution team, SEO specialists and innovative marketing team. V29bet team always research on latest online casino gaming products and integrate them in V29bet website in order to bring the best online casino gaming service to clients.

In the latest gaming update, V29bet gaming team selects Newtown and 12win casinos as V29 core casino products. Decision of V29bet prioritize both casinos over other platform was mainly due to market demand. Apparently both casinos are highly popular especially Newtown casino platform was widely used in casino internet café in Malaysia.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the best online casino gaming in the industry and meet our customers’ expectation with constantly deliverable levels of customer service. Above all, we expect to be a credit to customers we serve, an innovative leader in the industry, and a team that constantly growing to become better.

V29bet restlessly operating 24/7 every day and night! We have 10 customer service representatives that working in 3 different shifts a day that always ready to serve you. With our 24 hours gaming program, you can experience casino gaming at any time on the clock, try your luck at any hour you prefer.

We provide 3 popular local bank accounts with online banking service for casino gaming transaction. Now, you can make deposit and withdrawal at ease even at midnight. Average deposit time of 1 minute and withdrawal time within 10 minutes. Register now and become one of us!

Newtown Live Casino

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12Win Casino

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